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"You have to do this!"
"This ride is awesome, you have to do it - and it's not just for the young it's for the young at heart. Funny and friendly staff give full safety briefings beforehand and make sure everyone has a life jacket. You can also have a poncho and fleece if you want but nothing will keep you dry - you will get soaked down to your underwear so make sure you have a change of clothes with you and preferably a towel. The first 3 rows are what they call the power rows and these are the ones where you will get most water. The Hamilton Turns the boat does and the ride through the Devils Hole makes getting wet worth it and speeding along at 55mph on the way back your hair might sort of dry out a bit - well not really! You won't be able to take your"
Maggip visited

"Can I give it an extra FIVE stars?!?"
"What an AWESOME thing to do! So much fun we wanted to do it over and over! The weather was perfect, high 70s, but we were comfortable even after getting soaked in the rapids! They give you a sweater and a poncho....not to keep you dry, but to keep you warm! Getting soaked while flying over the river at 55 mph can get chilly, but they made sure we were prepared. This experience should not be missed, and we're glad we bought the video of the trip also,so cool!"
DaddyO visited

"Highlight of my trip"
"If I had to pick 1 activity to do in NF, this would be it!! You get extremely wet, and you need to bring a change of clothes and are required to wear shoes (they also have water shoes you can wear). They offer you a poncho (it does NOT keep you dry) to keep you warm on the boat ride back - I highly recommend the poncho because it gets really chilly on the boat ride back (60 mph and dripping wet).It's worth every penny and you'll have the best time going thru the level 5 rapids. The trip is about 45 mins and very exciting! The 1st row gets the wettest, the last row still gets wet - but you have more reaction time to mentally brace yourself for the water.I probably wouldn't recommend eating a big meal before this activity. I didn't get motion sickness, but it"
ccce12 visited
Niagara Falls

"AMAZING RIDE for the Adventurous"
"This ride was incredible, and by far our favorite part of our trip to Niagara Falls. The entire ride lasted approximately one hour. Our family sat in the front seat of the boat at my insistence. We got SOAKED and it was So Much FUN. The staff were excellent. I would highly recommend this adventure to anyone who loves a thrill and doesn't mind getting literally SOAKED to your underwear. Did I mention you'll get wet? :-)"
Kelly W visited
Niagara Falls

"A Must Do When in Niagara"
"What a thrilling and fun ride! Riding the rapids in that kind of style is a must for anyone who loves the water. To see the power and force that close was amazing and I highly recommend it to any adventure seeker. There is no way to come off that boat dry so make sure you have a change of clothes with you. pdotfdot visited "
pdotfdot visited
Lewiston, NY

"Crazy fun"
"This has got to be the most exhilarating boat ride ever! Not for the faint of heart ... as this will test most grown men. They give you foul weather gear to wear including wool sweaters, crocs and rubber pants. You speed your way to the whirlpools at the base of the falls ... and then it happens ... a wave pours right on top of your head! A very large wave as the boat dives into the whirlpool. Very scary and fun all at the same time. Nothing to worry about, the boat will not sink, not will it capsize as it was made for this adventure. Be prepared to get soaking wet and I mean soaked to the bone in chili water. Make sure you have a change of dry clothes and towels for the end of the tour. Oh, and buy the photo, it's so worth it! Visited"

"what an experience"
"have been lucky to make this trip twice & it is just amazing! the boat is completely submerged by the biggest wave. If you ever get the chance you just have to go for it. You will get wet, from head to toe!!!!! Visited May 2012 "
Graham P

"Don't Miss This Trip"
"Ok, this one is easy - what could be better than flying up the Niagara river basin at 60mph into class 5 rapids - nothing I can think of! First off, the staff was great, very friendly and helpful and they knew how to handle smaller kids who seemed tentative. If you research beforehand you will know that you'll come back soaked, so bring some towels to dry off. And don't bring anything that can't get wet. The staff will instruct you to seats that you will get less wet, if that's you're pleasure. Our group sat front and center and I wouldn't do it any other way!!! We flew up the river like a bat out of hell, did some 360's, plunged headlong into some big waves and had some big water come over the top an into the boat. Now before you panic, they do not hit these"

"An amazing experience"
"Jet boat tour is an 18 miles of continuous adventure and so exited too...a huge flow of water and boat jumping in flow and almost disappear into water..that is not forgettable at all..."
Sagar Patel visited

"What a thrill"
"This was a very exciting trip through the Niagara Rapids. Since we took the "Jet Dome" boat, we stayed dry, but next time we will take the wet ride -- with a change of clothes available of course. Lockers are available. The Jet Dome tour is exactly the same as the other boats, but they close up the the "dome" windows at the locations where you would normally get soaked. Only I trip a day on this boat (1pm), so book ahead, and arrive ahead of time, as they request. We found a $5 discount coupon online."
Gary F

"So much fun!"
"I highly recommend this tour - there's not much more to add to what others have said except - include a change of underwear in your change of clothes as you get completely soaked on this tour - also don't forget to bring a towel too. As well as being a lot of fun, you also see some amazing scenery on this tour. I had a smile on my face the whole time & I would take this tour again"

"Never skip"
"After the jet Boat tours of '98, '02 and '04 it was time for another breathtaking trip! Coming from Holland visiting my Canadian cousins I've never skipped the jet boat trip and as usual it was great! Jessica was our nice tour guide and captain Mike took us through the Big Kahuna time after time. We were nearly up to our knees in water and could hardly take a breath! Even though I know by now what to expect the trip was over before I knew it. What great fun! Next time I'm in Canada I'll be on the Jet Boat again!"
Charles visited

"I took my grandsons on the jet boat, unbelievably fun...yes we did get drenched but the boys loved it as did I..one suggestion ..have a box for the mature adult to step on...it is a big step from the seat to the dock. Towels and a change of clothing,a must. Crew was great, ready to go again."
susan visited

"You will get soaked!"
"They warn you that you will get wet and they are not kidding! Once you go through the orientation for safety, you get on the boat, I strongly recommend the first 3 rows for maximum soaking. My friend and I sat in the 3rd row and we got thoroughly drenched. They take you out on the river for a bit and get you a little wet, then take you by the hydro-plants and then you head towards the class 5 rapids to get really wet. After several times through the class 5's they then head towards the whirlpool and to see the class 6 rapids. After that you head back and have more fun on the class 5's before heading back to dock. They also offer a thumb drive full of pictures and video from your ride. One of the coolest things they do is they choose someone on your boat"
Jeffrey D visited

"Got soaked but had a time!"
"This was so much fun! We didn't care that we got soaked we just wanted the waves to keep on a coming...seriously..it is crazy! You feel like an absolute thrill seeker on this ride! Skip maid of the mist and board this boat instead..you wont regret it!"
Jillian C


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